Partner up with a good ol’ doggo, dangit.

My frens.

Doggo gogg’s to keep on seein’ when the goin’ gets tough.

Top-quality collars, leashes, and other gear to keep them borks fresh.

Carry them pupper necessaries in style with a big heckin’ barrel on your neck.

Premium CBD-hemp extract, formulated specially for extra good boys.


Parker is honored to receive a sky-high Paw of Approval from Guanella Pass Brewery. Parker encourages everyone to come on up and enjoy the pup-friendly rules and mountain inspired brews (He recommends the Bernese Mountain Brown Ale).

Summit County’s largest locally-owned pet supply store.

Cover up them peepers with shades that command respect and authority.

You’ll haul your doggo gear with a rack attack rack if you know what’s good for ya.

Custom apparel to keep it looking sharp even if you haven’t had your bath this week.